Grandparents’ Day 2023

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Grandparents’ Day Q&A

  •  When should I arrive? Aim to check in 30 minutes before your grandchild’s scheduled lunch time:
    • Access Classes: 10:40-11:05
    • Kindergarten: 10:50-11:15
    • 1st: 11:10-11:35
    • 2nd: 11:20-11:45
    • 3rd: 11:47-12:12
    • Pre-K: 11:53-12:25
    • 5th: 12:05-12:30
    • 4th: 12:15-12:40
  • There are not a lot of parking spaces.  Where can I park?
    • Parking is extremely limited on campus so please utilize our complimentary shuttle service located in the Four Oaks Community Church parking lot at the Kerry Forest and Shannon Lakes roundabout.
    • Please arrive at the Four Oaks parking lot 30-40 minutes before your students scheduled lunch
  • What do I do when I arrive on campus?  
    • If you have not had your license scanned this school year you will need to have your license scanned at one of the check-in tables. Return visitors with previously scanned ID will sign in at the check in station at the school entrance. Visitors must wear their guest badges while on campus and return them when they leave to check out.
  • Once on campus, what is there to do?  
    • Enjoy lunch with your grandchild at one of our many tables in the covered areas or shaded tree areas or inside the cafeteria.
    • We have our Book Fair going on in the media center.
    • The Blazerettes will be performing at 11:00 and 12:00.
  • Where do I get my lunch from Chick Fil A that I ordered?
    • For those who sent in their lunch order forms by October 6th, you may receive your (and your grandchild’s if applicable) lunch in the main covered area. Two lines will be available based on the students’ last name (A-K, L-Z) and our fantastic volunteers will have your order ready to go.  We apologize, but we will NOT have extra meals for purchase the day of.
  • What if I want to check my grandchild out of school early?
    • Students will NOT be allowed to check out early without prior written consent (due October 11th) from the parent/guardian either given to the teacher.  We are sorry but phone call authorizations will NOT be allowed.  If your students parent/guardian has sent in prior written consent, we will give you a wristband that will help in expediting check out.